7 Super Simple Tips To Build
The Perfect Landing Page

The best landing pages don’t only generate benefits for the page owner, critically, they help the customer to find relevant information to fulfill their needs. Given the value of a good landing page, follow these 7 Super Simple steps and you’ll be well on the way:

  1. Define a goal: define a clear goal that you want to achieve with your landing page. Eg. Customer data capture, and or dissemination of information, and or stickiness for your website.
  2. Define your product and its value: whatever you want to sell, ensure it conveys value in everything you write about. Consider using testimonials and success stories to convey your USP, instead of predictable marketing babble and product specifications which most potential customers will ignore anyway.
  3. Create relevant content: be customer obsessed when you write the content of your landing page. Does the landing page align with explicit advantages to the customer? At the same time summarize content only whatever is absolutely necessary. Avoid the fluff and bubble and get straight to the point. Less = More!
  4. Optimize the design: Whether you like it or not, ‘Design’ is the secret weapon of the world’s most successful and growing companies. Take inspiration from apple.com and other sites which scream out customer experience, intuitive interfaces and user friendliness. Look for fonts, cap sizes, buttons, content and graphics. Refine it as much as possible to cut through the clutter which will make it hard for your prospect to bother to select: ‘Buy-Now or More Information’.
  5. Offer a live chat: depending on your product, offering a live chat could create additional value to your landing page. But, carefully elaborate, if you have enough capacity to offer this kind of service. There is an obvious resource implication, however outsource models can be very cost effective. Don’t just include it on your landing page because it looks good! Make it part of your strategy if you want to include it.
  6. Test your landing page: don’t forget to test your landing page thoroughly! Nothing is more annoying for the user than technical defaults while using the landing page. Also test if all functions (e.g. kickback e-mail, thank-you page) are working. Seek feedback from trusted sources and even consider a small treasure hunt, ask them how long it took to find ‘More Information’ etc. ask them about their experiences in terms of logic, timing and clarity.
  7. Optimize your follow-up: conversion is not the end game. Pay close attention to what happens with the user’s attention after the click. Think about personalizing the confirmation e-mail, use the receipt e-mail for possible up- and cross-selling activities. There are numerous auto-responder services, which can semi-automate the process of connecting with customer’s who’ve asked for more information. Again, make it a priority to follow up.

The Super Simple 7 Steps above gives you a fast-start summary of how to create a meaningful landing page. Of course, there are other factors to consider in order to turn your landing page into a blockbuster. The most important thing is to start developing a landing page now. The perfect landing page plays a huge role in data capture and lead generation. So get started now!

If you are interested in more information on how to optimize your landing page or in receiving a neutral, unbiased expert assessment of your website please contact us for more information.

This article was written by Silvia Wild

silvia-wild-consultantSilvia Wild is a business consultant at PDAgroup GmbH. Her consulting focus is the digital transformation of businesses, including marketing and innovation management. Together with clients she develops innovative strategies to solve their challenges and achieve sustainable revenue growth.

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