Start using Calls-to-Action on your website

“Download the Whitepaper”, “Try Our Free Trial“, “Sign Up Now” – these are calls-to-action (CTAs). CTAs are compelling links or buttons on a website that get website visitors and potential customers to click and complete a contact form, ultimately converting the visitor into a lead. Typically, effective CTAs direct visitors to landing pages with valuable content on it, such as a whitepaper.

Although CTAs are a proven key driver of online lead generation, only 16% of the websites evaluated by PDAgroup had calls-to-action on them; the vast majority of IT solution providers (84%) do not use any CTAs to induce visitors to fill in a lead generating form.

Call To Action

There is no one-size-fits all CTA, but here are some best practices:

In-line CTAs

This is the simplest form of calls-to-action as it is simply a written link and not a hyperlinked button or image.

Example: “Get in contact with us when you want to integrate whiteboarding and visual storytelling as presentation mode into your sales and presales tactics.”

Subscription CTAs

These calls-to-action want website visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or blog posts by email. Their goal is to increase the scriber base. Thus, the accompanying form should be as short and simple as possible.



Follow me CTAs

These calls-to-action involve social media, to be exact the links so that visitors can follow your business on social media like LinkedIn or Twitter. Services like AddThis make it easy to generate such CTAs.



Landing page CTAs

Lead generation is the ultimate goal of calls-to-action. This type of CTAs will guide website visitors through eye-catching messages to landing pages where they are turned into leads (if they fill in the lead generation form on the landing page).



Quick tip to start with CTAs:

End each of your blog posts with a call-to-action that either encourages readers to comment, to place an inquiry or to fill in a lead generation form.

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